A Pair of Looking Glass

Back up a couple years,

you believed you respected me

as if you didn’t hit me

as if you didn’t lie

about your whereabouts

your friends

your home

your family

as if lying about driving could help your poor self out

don’t tell me you liked me,

not even the word “love” was right


that’s what you are

what you became

way before you set your crooked set of eyes upon me

here’s a bit of advice-

why not buy a pair of glasses, contacts, or whatever it is that’ ll help you see clearer?

Because, you have no idea what you are NOT capable of.

you have surpassed my expectations of a loser and a bum.

To all those of you who don’t know the definition of a scumbag, here he is. 

You were not worth it.

Whereas you were a fraud and a liar, he is everything but you.

When I like you,
  • i text right away once I get your text.
  • i answer right away when you call.
  • i get out of my way to do something for you.
  • i think about you day and night
  • i worry about you.
  • i spend my time and efforton you.
  • i’m here when you need comfort and love.
  • don’t just like anyone. 
  • i make time for you, always.
  • i put you on top of everyone else. 
  • i make you a priority.

two minds create a spark when ignited
two minds attract attention
two minds engage each other in conversation
two minds acknowledge the other has similarities but more differences,
two minds lift the spirit up
one thinks differently
another behaves to the dislike of that person
Two minds clash together to create conflict
Two minds behave differently; one may be calm as the other is obnoxious,
Two minds may fight like reckless warriors, one unwilling to back down;
one may think he’s right, while the other rightfully believes he’s wrong
Two minds- complex, compelling, complicated- lies at the very epitome of existence.

Those who call themselves smart will fall prey to the minds of the innocent, leading to decisions based off of too much trust..resulting in the heartache of not one, but two victims.


first its her.
then my anger.
still remaining pissed.
lower back hurts.
not-so-great weather.
im not too sure.
i do know, however,
it is not so great of a day.

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